All participants at PLAYDATE L.A. will be entered in a drawing for one of our fabulous Grand Prizes:

Admission to the National CUE Conference, March 15-18, 2017 


Admission to the West L.A. GAFE Summit on October 15, 2016

For a chance to win one of our other opportunity prizes, click the link or scan the QR code below.
Official Rules:
PLAYDATE L.A. participants are limited to 2 (two) prizes: the grand prize and one additional prize. Participants may enter multiple drawings, but are disqualified from all drawings except grand prize once they win any other prize. Participants must be present to win.

You must enter by 11:15 a.m.!
Win a BrainPOP subscription!
BrainPOP logo
Subscription to BrainPOP - includes BrainPOP, BrainPOP Jr., BrainPOP ESL, & BrainPOP Español (1 winner)


Win a Blue-Bot!

Blue-Bot programmable robot (1 winner)

Win a pass to the SGVCUE Tech Fair!
SGV CUE logo
Free admisssion to the SGV CUE Tech Fair Oct. 15, 2016 (3 winners)

Win HSTRY Premium!

Premium subscription to interactive, collaborative timeline creator (1 winner)

Formative logo 
Win Formative Premium!

60 day trial of Formative Premium (2 winners)

Win The Answer Pad Premium!
The Answer Pad logo

1 year upgrade to the Premium version of The Answer Pad (3 winners)

Win a Kindle Fire!
Kindle Fire
Kindle Fire tablet (1 winner)
Win an Acer Chromebook!
Acer Chromebook 11 C730 (1 winner)

Win an Iconia One 8 tablet!
Acer Tablet

Acer Iconia One 8 Android tablet (2 winners)

Breakout kit
Win a Breakout EDU kit!

Breakout EDU 
hard plastic kit (1 winner)
Winner must pay for shipping from Fresno, CA

Win Google Classroom books!
Google Classroom books
Google Classroom Books (1 winner)
Win Pirate Books!
Pirate books
Pirate Books (Teach Like a Pirate autographed by the author) (1 winner)

Win inspirational books!
Inspirational book duo
Inspirational Books (P is for Pirate autographed by the authors)(1 winner)

Win The Classroom Chef!
Classroom Chef
The Classroom Chef (2 winners)