Why Come?

Haiku Deck screenshot

2014's winning Haiku Deck, created by Melanie Welsh

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Top Ten Reasons to come to PLAYDATE L.A.

10. There is no need to say goodbye to summer fun while you learn and explore new, exciting, energizing things to use with students as soon as school starts. 

9. I need to figure out how to use this technology tool thingy they are giving me for my classroom.

8. I want to make personal connections with all the people I have been learning from on Twitter. Plus I’m dying to see if they all really look like their Twitter avatars. PLN, baby!

7. I can run around saying Flubaroo, Doctopus, and Goobric without people thinking I have lost my mind.

6. How many opportunities do you have to find free and easy parking in L.A.?

5. The PLAYDATE LA team won’t make you work but you will figure out how to implement great ideas in your classroom. 

4. You might win the Sparkly Unicorn badge.

3. If you are not having fun in the session you are in, you can change. You are in charge of your own game at PLAYDATE LA.

2. Have you seen the PLAYDATE LA team? Good looking bunch!