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Leadership Team, Registration

posted May 4, 2013, 4:05 PM by Nancy Minicozzi
We added to the leadership team this week. Alina Silvestre, a fellow teacher at Chaparral Elementary, and Alice Chen, a Google Certified middle school English teacher with a 1:1 classroom, came on board. They will both add their unique qualities to our mix. I love that we have such a varied team, even though three of us are from the same district. I can already see that we each bring a little something different to the table, and the collaboration is wonderful. We have just enough people to ensure that someone has an idea without having so many people that nothing gets decided.

We opened registration this week, and 50 spots have been filled in just two days. I am both thrilled and terrified. We still need to find a venue, but I am confident that we will find one in the next couple of weeks. There are several feelers out, so we just need to see which ones actually bear fruit (is that a horrible mixed metaphor?). Once we nail down a place, we can establish costs and start looking for sponsors.