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Exciting week

posted Jun 21, 2013, 10:09 PM by Nancy Minicozzi
Three main events contributed to this week's excitement. After researching several possible venues and vacillating between two of them that both had many positives, we decided to hold our event at National University's Los Angeles campus. The freeway-convenient location has ample free parking, enough classrooms for our breakout sessions, and a student lounge area we can use to serve coffee, tea, and whatever food we are able to provide for our attendees. 

We also had a meeting with Bertha Roman, one of the members of the Board of Directors of CUE's Los Angeles affiliate. Bertha contacted us because CUE LA wanted to see how they could support our event. We discussed several options, which Bertha will bring to the rest of the Board for them to evaluate before getting back to us with the response. Whatever support we get from CUE will be very welcome, but what really made this thrilling for me was the fact that this project had gotten the attention of my local CUE affiliate and that they wanted to help me with it. It made me proud to think that the event that I had started with a small group of other organizers had made enough of an impact that CUE L.A. had contacted me; I didn't need to contact them to ask them for assistance. 

Finally, we hit triple digits in the number of attendees. When we we announced the venue on Twitter, we had ten people sign up within twelve hours, and, a few days later, we reached 100. As of this writing, we have 102 people registered to attend. We look forward to reaching our capacity by the time August 17 rolls around. Fingers crossed!